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  Web Design Calculator

Use this calculator to get a quick estimate of your custom web design cost. NOTE: This calculator is designed to give you a rough estimate, your actual price could vary according to the web work performed.

Estimate Your Web Design Costs

 How many pages do you require?
 (Home, About Us, Catalog, Contact, etc.)
 CGI/PHP Contact/Feedback Form? Yes
 Shopping Carts - How Many?
 (Includes image and catalog setup.)

Additional Graphic Design Services

 Scan and resize photos. How Many?
 Design new logo for web use?
 (Includes up to four hours work time, $40.00 hr. afterwards)
 Custom Flash Animation? (each)
 (Includes up to four hours work time, $40.00 hr. afterwards)
 Custom Animated Gifs? (each)
 (Includes up to four hours work time, $40.00 hr. afterwards)
 Interactive Graphics Scripts?
 (Image Maps, Rollover Effects, Slide Shows, Popup, etc.)
 Your Custom Site Design and Layout  Total


  Request a Quote from GRandall Web Design

Before you request a quote from GRandall Web Design you should plan what you want in your web site and decide what your budget is. When figuring your budget compare your web design costs to the cost of other forms of advertising. The initial investment you make in your web site is very small compared to the potential for profit. Remember, the purpose of your web site is to attract new customers. How much money would just one new customer a month bring your business in a year? Take this into consideration when you decide how much you can afford to spend.

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