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Fast Fanny's in Oatman, Arizona

Fast Fanny's PlaceThe Route 66 Caravan RV
The Route 66 Caravan RV in Oatman???

There's a story behind this picture. I was in Oatman, Arizona chronicling the events of the Route 66 Caravan. The mayor of Oatman saw my picture taking endeavors and wandered up to me. She was disappointed that we hadn't driven the Caravan RV into Oatman. The narrow hairpin curves of Sitgreaves Pass to this crazy old Route 66 town had prevented this. With a chuckle and a wink of my eye, I informed the mayor that the wonders of digital photography will prevail. "Rest assured," I said, "you will see a picture that will make the rest of the world really think we had driven the RV up Sitgreaves Pass into Oatman." Of course the mayor said it would be our little secret.